Sunday Fun: The next-Gen desktops


Anand Agarawala, the creator of BumpTop.

As I was browsing through some files of mine this morning, I stumbled upon this really cool (3 years old but still cool) video about a software called: Bump Top. The software came to challenge our traditional desktops and added up more interactive 3D and red-pill aspect to the whole desktop user experience. I remember watching this video over and over again and thinking that this is gotta be what I want for my birthday. Here is a demo on from Bump Top creator himself: 

Funny I totally forgot about this up until today. I went looking for updates on the software and guess what?


Can't say no one saw that one coming huh! (hint: Chrome OS). Here is to Google then, the innovations collector.
Have a great Sunday everyone!

Lamia Ben

Sunday fun: How to make a splash in social media


"Alexis Ohanian co-founded Reddit, a social-voting news website with geek allegiances, a small-town feel and a penchant for lighting up the memes your friends IM you about next week."

Here is a video I always liked from Reddit's Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social Media. A quick 3 minutes video that encapsulate what makes social media as powerful as it is today: Power given to the crowds. Enjoy and have a great Sunday! 

Lamia Ben.

Sunday Fun: Saving the planet, one action at a time


Image courtesy:

Next Sunday – 10/10/10 – is the "Global Work Party". A celebration where people will put up solar panels, dig community gardens–and send a strong message to our leaders: 'If we can get to work on solutions to the climate crisis, so can you.'

Why 350? 

I'm being part of a fun action in Rabat. We'll be planting trees and raising awareness in over 20 schools. If you're interested in joining us, please check our fan page on Facebook or contact me here or on my twitter.

There is also an action in Casablanca called : A Gloden Wave. For more details, here is their Event page.

I'll leave you with this cool video that encompasses the whole spirit of the Global Work Party in a rather artsy way. You can find more details on the campaign on

Have a great Sunday!

Lamia Ben.

Sunday Fun: Khan academy, Reinventing education

I don’t believe the solutions to today’s education crisis are going to come in the form of traditional policies alone. I believe we need to reframe the problem and the conversation, from one about re-forming schooling to one about re-thinking education and re-imagining learning. 

This is a massive, radical design challenge. – Diana RhotenWe are not Waiting for Superman, We are Empowering Superheroes

From the founder and only faculty of the largest school of the world I bring you this entertaining video. Sal Khan shares at GEL 2010 conference his vision for teaching the entire world for free. Hats down to the guy, He is simply inspiring. 

Plus, I loved the comments at the end 🙂

Khan Academy is one of the winners of Google Projet 10^100 :

Happy Sunday!

Lamia Ben

Sunday Fun: This is broken!

If you're looking for entertaining but enriching videos, you may want to take a look at Gel Conference. Gel ("Good Experience Live") is a conference and community, founded in 2003, exploring good experience in all its forms – in art, business, society, technology, and life.

One of my favourite videos on Gel is Seth Godin's "This is broken". Here is a description from the website:

Why are so many things broken? In this entertaining talk – one of the favorites of Gel 2006 – Seth Godin gives a tour of things poorly designed, the reasons why they are that way, and how to fix them. 

One thing is sure, Seth's inspirational thinking is definitely not broken.

Have a great start of the week! 🙂

Lamia Ben

Sunday fun: Playing for a better world!

You know that guilty feeling you sometimes have after spending hours playing video games? Guess what? It can become history. Because, time spent gaming can become a well spent time if we could design better games. We can use game dynamics for Good, we can create world-changing Games. It's all about the design!

If you don't believe what I'm talking about, or you are curious to know how it can be achieved, feast your eyes and minds with these two TED talks, they truly are worth the watch.

And Let the world changing games begin :). Happy Sunday!

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Seth Priebatsch: Building the game layer on top of the world

Lamia Ben

Sunday Fun: How to start a movement

Whenever I feel like giving up, I re-watch this video. It has been dedicated to me by a friend. And it made me realize that I've been blessed with so many people who transformed this lone nut (that sometimes is me) into what I'm today (a leader? probably too much, just an aspiring one). So I dedicate it back to you, thank you all for being there for me 🙂

Transcripts of the video <a href="“>here

Have a great weekend!

Lamia Ben

Sunday fun : The problem with teleportation

Leave it to überGeeks to make the best out of Physics dilemmas. I had one of those funny encounters when a geeky friend, one I actually respect a lot, replied to one of my facebook status updates :


This actually reminded me of an episode of the big bang theory where the one and only Sheldon explains the main problem with teleportation.

Well that surely settles things up. Have a great Sunday everyone !


Lamia Ben