Social Media for NGOs

Tapping into the power of social networks has become an imperative for all kind of organizations. And while for-profits seem to be joining the band wagon easily enough, non-profits and NGOs are yet to follow.

In an excellent initiative, the Moroccan UNCG (United Nations Communication Group) & the Social Media Club Casablanca organized a workshop dubbed “Social Media and MDGs” and I was invited to talk about Social Media for NGOs.

In the era of virtual activism, pro-consumers, wikinomics and the coming of age of the Net-Generation, surfing the 2.0 wave is no longer an option but rather an obligation for any NGO seeking sustainability. Listening, dialogue, support and innovation, those are the promises of the web 2.0. But how can we get the most out of these new technologies? Which organizational culture should we nurture? How can NGOs become “Platforms”?

In the spirit of “If you get it, share it!” I’m sharing the presentation I gave at the workshop. I would love to hear what you think!

Social Media for NGOs Part I

Social Media for NGOs Part II