A thought on privacy


©iStockphoto.com/Marco Volpi

I can’t believe that few years ago, all I had to worry about was my phone number – it being the only valuable information I would only share with a few. But With the advent of social Media, it has become more and more difficult to manage the information we share or who we share it with.

Few weeks back, facebook’s Zuckerberg’s implicit statement “privacy is over” have stirred up so many reaction all over the blogsphere, I thought we’ll never hear the end of it. Seriously though, I think it’s a faux problem.  

Social Networks are here to help us “build weak ties, not strong ones.”  As states Morten Hansen in his book “collaboration”:

“… research shows that weak ties can prove much more helpful in networking, because they form bridges to worlds we do not walk within.  Strong ties, on the other hand, tend to be worlds we already know; a good friend often knows many of the same people and things we know.”

With the knowledge that a really small percentage of your weak ties will become strong ones, the very need of sharing personal details of your life becomes obsolete. For one, it is just noise for most of people you connect with and for two; it would only backfire on you. (a recent article on SF chronicle affirmed that Too much info on social media aids ID thieves)

Bottom line: If we have to say goodbye to privacy and welcome sociality (as Tim Leberecht name it) then so be it.  It is not up to facebook or whatever other platform to protect the information you share, it’s up to you to filter it beforehand!

Lamia Ben