This, I’ve learned…


Photo courtesy of gapingvoid

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books…and [not] forget to make some art … And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."
— Neil Gaiman


So another year has gone by, with its successes and failures, joys and sorrows, opportunities and challenges. I'll spare you [and me] the lengthy list of mistakes I made, goals I failed to attain, opportunities I missed etcetera etcetera. I'll only share what have been the most valuable lessons I learned.

Some I learned alone, others were hinted to me.
Some came with great sorrow, others along joyful notes.
Some I knew but didn't dare accept, others surged in aha-moments …
I just thought I'd write them down as a tribute for how they changed me; and I really hope that along these humble lines, someone somewhere will draw the power along with the knowledge that he is not alone…


I learned this year that

  • Unless you move outside your comfort zone you'll never know what you're capable of.
  • If you're waiting to be ready, waiting for it to be perfect, you'll wait forever… Sometimes you just need to make the jump and figure out how to miss the ground.
  • One learns more from his failures than from most of his successes…
  • Ideas are either shipped or dead. There are no other alternatives.
  • It gets lonely once you unplugged the matrix, learn to live with it or join the herd for the rest of your life
  • Some things are just not meant to be… accept that and move on
  • It's about the extra mile…
  • Everyone is an artist, they just don't know it yet
  • Changing the world around you really begins with changing yourself
  • Nothing is as empowering as having someone believe in you
  • And finally you should Never Never apologize for who you are.

What’s next?

While going on stage II of last year's mission "Get out there and do it" (with a mindset of ship ship and ship), I'd like this year to be the "back to basics" year. We live in changing times and unless we are anchored to our principles, our identity, our values… the currents of life may throw us on unpleasant shores. Let's make it a point this year to spend more time with our families, read more about our history, learn to appreciate our culture and religion, draw our powers from deep within us and live out to achieve what we owe to ourselves.


May all your days be filled by the cheer power of will!

Lamia Ben.