Sunday Fun: Saving the planet, one action at a time


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Next Sunday – 10/10/10 – is the "Global Work Party". A celebration where people will put up solar panels, dig community gardens–and send a strong message to our leaders: 'If we can get to work on solutions to the climate crisis, so can you.'

Why 350? 

I'm being part of a fun action in Rabat. We'll be planting trees and raising awareness in over 20 schools. If you're interested in joining us, please check our fan page on Facebook or contact me here or on my twitter.

There is also an action in Casablanca called : A Gloden Wave. For more details, here is their Event page.

I'll leave you with this cool video that encompasses the whole spirit of the Global Work Party in a rather artsy way. You can find more details on the campaign on

Have a great Sunday!

Lamia Ben.