Sunday Fun: Khan academy, Reinventing education

I don’t believe the solutions to today’s education crisis are going to come in the form of traditional policies alone. I believe we need to reframe the problem and the conversation, from one about re-forming schooling to one about re-thinking education and re-imagining learning. 

This is a massive, radical design challenge. – Diana RhotenWe are not Waiting for Superman, We are Empowering Superheroes

From the founder and only faculty of the largest school of the world I bring you this entertaining video. Sal Khan shares at GEL 2010 conference his vision for teaching the entire world for free. Hats down to the guy, He is simply inspiring. 

Plus, I loved the comments at the end 🙂

Khan Academy is one of the winners of Google Projet 10^100 :

Happy Sunday!

Lamia Ben