Why I gave up on Google Buzz: A simple analysis by a common user


Image courtesy: Buzz meets the Dash 

I won’t lie, I’m still skeptical towards what Buzz can offer and how much potential it has. But for now, I’d rather do without it. I’m sure Google thought that integrating it to Gmail would ensure it being at everyone’s reach; I still think that it was a Strategic Epic Fail.

Two years ago, I gave up both my hotmail and yahoo accounts and have been using only Gmail ever since. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s distraction-free, but I remain actually productive while using it.  Add buzz to this equation and you get a very frustrated overwhelmed user who’s willing to pay Google just to make it STOP (Thank God they thought of the “turn off buzz” link, otherwise I would have been broke).

But seriously, being a twitter user, I have fabricated my own little strategy to deal with information overload. Still, It is one thing to be flooded by buzzes, it’s wholly another to be aspirated into the world of pure redundancy.

While testing Buzz, I thought I’d follow some high profiles such as O’reilly and Scoble (Yeah I know, I went too far). The thing is, Buzz was almost a tweets dump for both. Almost no interaction was happening.

So, I came across a buzz by Scoble and certainly couldn’t stop myself from answering:


 Robert Scoble – Buzz – Public 

Should I stop bringing Twitter in here? I hate seeing duplication, but am trying to figure out if it’s wanted here or not?

lamia ben – right, we hate duplication just as much 🙂

Against popular demand, he didn’t stop!!  But that’s no issue, THIS is: 148 comments in less than 24 hours and an email for each. I filtered the buzz emails to skip inbox but every time I entered buzz, all I saw was Scoble! I finally had to mute the thing.

If I follow you on Twitter or have you on my GReader, why would I want to add up to my already full head another information source that would bring me no real value?

So Dear Buzz, I did my best to bear your persistent noise for a while. But I think we’re done!


Lamia Ben