Happy Ada Lovelace Day!


Image courtesy: tor.com

I don’t much adhere to the 1-day appreciation dogma. Everyday should be mothers/fathers… day.  Sadly, this is plain theory and one should be consistently reminded that some people and things are not to be taken for granted. So, on This Ada LoveLace Day, I cease the opportunity to remind the whole world of the tremendous contribution of women in tech and science.

Ada Lovelace Day is actually an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.

I was planning on writing about some female scientist who inspired me along the way (and God knows the list is long). But instead, for my first ada lovelace contribution, I thought I’ll celebrate every girl and women out there who is trying her best in a male-dominated field. To all those extraordinary women who sadly never made it to the history books. Thank you for showing us the way, for giving us hope that nothing is impossible, that neither social ideologies nor received ideas can stop us from being anything we set our minds to. Thank you for proving us that tech and science are not gender specific, that we too can and have a lot to contribute.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day to all of you!