It takes a network!


“It’s a profound thought….How every person is a new door, opening up into other worlds.” ~Six Degrees of Separation


Networks are everywhere. Whether we acknowledge it or not our networks shape us to some extent. Making the best out of our networks is an enriching experience that can help us thrive as individuals, communities and societies. 

I pondered on this as I was preparing a talk for TEDxENSEM that tackled the theme: Dare to be different. It seemed to me that to be different, one has to leverage that web of networks he’s often unconsciously embedded in. Acknowledging this fabric of interwoven ties helps us unleash their power. In the era of interconnectedness that we are witnessing today, being a great network player boils down to being able to strategically weave various networks. And that’s what we should strive for. 
The video of the talk is yet to be available, until then, here are the slides of the presentation.

3 thoughts on “It takes a network!

  1. Merci beaucoup Mohammed. Cela fait énormément plaisir de savoir que la présentation a servi même pour ceux qui n’y ont pas assisté!

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