Social Media Day: Let’s contemplate, Together!

In case you missed it, and I doubt anyone did, this Saturday, 30th June, happens to be “Social Media Day”. #SMDay is a universal meetup organized locally in order to gather Social Media enthusiasts, professionals and activists outside the virtual realm and IRL. It’s a celebration of the way Social Media changed and is changing our everyday life.

As the day draws near, I can’t help but think how many things have changed since last year’s Edition. A lot have happened worldwide and in such rapid pace that it makes my head whirl just thinking about it. That is why, I really believe that this year’s Social Media Day is as much a day of celebration as it should be a day of contemplation. A day of asking the big questions that has been lurking in the background: How can I make my brand more human? How to Unleash the social power in the workplace? How do I manage my multiple virtual identities?… Though questions, right? But buckle up, you don’t have to do it alone! 🙂 Social Media Club Casablanca will do all the gathering and organizing for you. All you have to do is show up, have a good time and Discuss!

So On the 30th of June, come join us in one of the biggest celebrations of Social Media, at Mood café, Casablanca, where talks, discussions and enriching encounters will be on the menu.

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