Sunday musing: Reinventing the reading experience

In case you missed it, and I’m sure anyone hardly did, Apple decided to reinvent the textbook experience by identifying transformative currents and building the right tools to navigate them”

 iPadded textbooks are still textbooks, but they’re personalized textbooks. They take advantage of the emotional connection people, and especially young people, feel to their devices. They encourage, rather than frown on, active note-taking. They demand, rather than curtail, exploration. They create a kind of kaleidoscopic experience: video, text, audio, all whirring and whirling into each other in a self-guided tour of history or chemistry or biology. They invite students to create learning environments that, though standardized on one level, are, on another, uniquely theirs. And that changes everything. 

And though it did not revolutionize the publishing industry -at least not yet-, it actually created enough momentum to raise interesting discussions on the need of reinventing the reading experience. Reading is definitely “morphing as it transitions to a new technology platform” : Tablets. And by leveraging the power of social collaboration, reading will never be the same for sure! Here are some videos that make this case.

Have a great Sunday!

Update: I stumbled upon this video from Readmill which states an essential question “Why make a book digital and not make it shareable?” Why indeed!


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