Sunday musing: Why I unplug


I’m no better-never, I don’t think technology is ruining our brain, life or whatnot. I truly believe though, that like anything else, it’s our use of it that makes it the Good or the Villain. Sometimes it’s actually the over-use of it that makes it the latter. As I was revisiting “Connected“, I thought about  relearning to be disconnected and how I have failed to consider that sometimes the only way to appreciate something’s value is by distancing oneself from it for a while. Relearning to appreciate technology, rethinking its effect on our lives can only be possible by unplugging the matrix and then re-plugging with a new perspective.
Not convinced? Monika Guzmano from geekWire makes a good sell of it on her Ignite talk: Why I unplug.



It definitely gives you something to think about.
Have a great Sunday!

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