Sunday musing: feels good to be back…

Image courtesy schaaflicht

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Of all the things I was forced to abandon but missed the most while on my sick leave, I must say that blogging comes on top of the list. I miss having a space where I can express my ideas and discuss them with others. I miss the exhilaration once I’m done writing, the expectation about the reaction my post would stir. I miss the feeling that I contribute, even with the slightest portion, to the web rather than being a mere consumer… Anyway, it really feels good to be back. 
I just thought that instead of writing (once again!) about the lesson I could have learned from this small experience (I’m a lousy learner it seems!), I’d rather take the opportunity to thank my Internet friends for their kind words. So Jonathan Zittrain was right after all, the web is more than just a pile of information it is a network of random acts of kindness.

Have a great Sunday!

Lamia Ben.

One thought on “Sunday musing: feels good to be back…

  1. Glad to have you back 🙂 being involved in your social network , i can assure you that the web is less interresting when you are not here :)looking forward to your next articles 🙂

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