Sunday Fun: The next-Gen desktops


Anand Agarawala, the creator of BumpTop.

As I was browsing through some files of mine this morning, I stumbled upon this really cool (3 years old but still cool) video about a software called: Bump Top. The software came to challenge our traditional desktops and added up more interactive 3D and red-pill aspect to the whole desktop user experience. I remember watching this video over and over again and thinking that this is gotta be what I want for my birthday. Here is a demo on from Bump Top creator himself: 

Funny I totally forgot about this up until today. I went looking for updates on the software and guess what?


Can't say no one saw that one coming huh! (hint: Chrome OS). Here is to Google then, the innovations collector.
Have a great Sunday everyone!

Lamia Ben

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