Sunday Fun: This is broken!

If you're looking for entertaining but enriching videos, you may want to take a look at Gel Conference. Gel ("Good Experience Live") is a conference and community, founded in 2003, exploring good experience in all its forms – in art, business, society, technology, and life.

One of my favourite videos on Gel is Seth Godin's "This is broken". Here is a description from the website:

Why are so many things broken? In this entertaining talk – one of the favorites of Gel 2006 – Seth Godin gives a tour of things poorly designed, the reasons why they are that way, and how to fix them. 

One thing is sure, Seth's inspirational thinking is definitely not broken.

Have a great start of the week! 🙂

Lamia Ben

2 thoughts on “Sunday Fun: This is broken!

  1. It’s broken because I think it’s broken and I don’t care if you think it’s not broken !:D Merci Lamia pour le post, c’est amusant mais c’est aussi très intéressant comme approche. Ca me fait méditer, il y pas maaaal de trucs "Broken" dans notre quotidien et vraiment des fois on peine à comprendre pourquoi! En tout cas j’ai eu quelques éléments de réponses 😉

  2. You’re very welcome yousra, thanks for your comment.The point is if bunch of people think something is broken, then it is. We don’t have to agree that it’s broken for it to be really broken :-).And yes, I see a lot of answers there as well, especially the "It’s not my job" part!Have a great start of the week.lamia.

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