Sunday fun: Playing for a better world!

You know that guilty feeling you sometimes have after spending hours playing video games? Guess what? It can become history. Because, time spent gaming can become a well spent time if we could design better games. We can use game dynamics for Good, we can create world-changing Games. It's all about the design!

If you don't believe what I'm talking about, or you are curious to know how it can be achieved, feast your eyes and minds with these two TED talks, they truly are worth the watch.

And Let the world changing games begin :). Happy Sunday!

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Seth Priebatsch: Building the game layer on top of the world

Lamia Ben

One thought on “Sunday fun: Playing for a better world!

  1. gammification to change the world , what a noble incentive indeed .such patterns will soon run ubiquitous and make use of the highly available gaming energy around the world , to leverage social interaction and eventualy lead to real field positive changes.

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