Lesson learned…

This is one of those rare posts where I mostly talk about myself and what I’ve learned in recent weeks, I just needed the words to be graved somewhere because I very much believe that what’s written has less chances to be forgotten.

I once read on life of PI: “The lower you are, the higher your mind will want to soar.” 
— Yann Martel


It is definitely in our darkest moments that we get the time to take a look at the big picture. And mine wasn’t all that much pleasant.

I have made it my resolution this year to be more productive. As I enrolled in post-graduate studies, I resolved myself to make more efforts in my daily job and once back home, it was time to read/write or plan for extra-projects (Earth hour for instance)…

I can’t pretend I didn’t feel the Ecstasy of achievement nor the excitement of always having something new coming up. But slowly, and without me noticing, I’ve been trapped in a realm I had no control on. I was facing the day-to-day issues one after the other without any sense of direction or strategy. And at some point, my mind was whirling but my body refused to keep up… At first I truly felt angry that my body would fail me at this critical time of my life. And then, it sank in. I have been feeling since January, that every moment was critical and the weight of such a hectic lifestyle was going to crush me eventually…And it did.

Don’t get me wrong, but I’m glad it all happened. I had a chance to learn great lessons. And I’m here to share some of them with you, hoping they’d probably make you rework your life as I had the chance to:

1. Being productive and having fun can go along pretty well, if we make the effort to enjoy what we do. (A nice read about just that on Zen habit)
2. Taking time off is not a hindrance to what you want to achieve. It’s a stop you ought to make to be able to go on.
3. Have some alone time, stop, sit in silence for a little while, take a step back, rethink your life
4. Don’t take anything for granted. There is much truth in the saying: You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.
5. Stressing over things doesn’t get them done, does it? 
6. Give some things time, not everything needs to be resolved right away. 
7. Prioritize. “Put first things first, second things, not at all”
8. Get help when you need it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. An arab maxim states that two don’t learn: the shy and the arrogant.
 9. Let Go. Don’t overthink the past. The decisions you took won’t change because you regret them. Rather, learn your lessons and move on.
10. If you have issues, talk them over with someone. One thing that is true about pain is that its weight is divided when shared.

I can’t say I’m a different person now, change is a day-to-day process, it doesn’t happen overnight. But I’m glad I see things under a different light. By loosening my control over things, I’m more in control now… a paradox? Maybe, but who said life is all about logic?

Lamia Ben

2 thoughts on “Lesson learned…

  1. Thanks for sharing with us your experiance. You’ll find down some ideas for each point you mentioned1- smile, be childish time to time, to be adult doesn’t mean to be have an old spirit.2. One said : " make a step backward to better go forward " , what you said is much intelligent !!! some times if we take time to think about what we are going to do, we’ll gain time in the process. taking time is not a waste of it, it’s a great use of what we have the best : our brain !!!3. in day to day life, every body wants a peace of you, a moment of your life, a second of your attention. It’s great, that means you count for somebody, the others needs you, and count on you, but … don’t lose your self in the crowd !! give yourself a special time, to talk with, to listen to it, to fell it ….. you are as important (to not say more important) as everybody.4. nothing is granted , every thing and every body needs to be preserved, counting yourself too !!5. no it does not, on the contrary, it makes you think wrong and you lose time, and there is a good chance you make mistakes especially on your relationships !!!!6. One said "sleep on" !! it’s like the fruit, every thing come by its own time, if you hurry up it’ll have a bad taste.7. Take it easy !! few things in life are really urgent… and the others, it’s just us that we make them so, to have this fake feeling that we are making so much important things in life. we should separate our self-esteem from what we are doing or how much thing we are doing.8. No one can do things like you do it, but some times different way doesn’t mean a bad way !we live in society, so why don’t let people get involve ? to delegate is an art in management ;)9. The past is what make us greater, we should be thankful that we had those experience in life, but we should let the past to be be past 😉 to let us move on to the future. life is a journey, and we can’t walk far if we keep all the little things in our bag, it will be heavy by time !!!10. ITalk to someone, is to share the feeling, and it will give you another point of view. Talk when you are sad, but don’t forget to talk when you are happy, to not forget this moment of happiness 😉

  2. Hello Kawtar,thank you for the amazing thoughts. You’re really a great inspiration to me. And you know what? I’m delegating the task of monitoring those changes to you, how about that? ;)Regards,Lamia

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