Arab Techies Women gathering: An event in review – Part 2


Image courtesy of Imen Ben Achour

This blog post is the 2nd part of my review of the exceptional event Arab Techie Women Gathering held in Lebanon from 11 to 14th May.

Discussion panel by Hala Deeb : Free and Open Source Software

The second discussion panel that took place was presented by the prominent young entrepreneur and Linux Geek Hala Deeb. The panel dubbed “Free and Open source software” brought up some interesting points relative to the state of FOSS in the Arab world. Sure enough, the battle for open source is still a long way to go and the FOSS case needs to be backed up by competent organizations and communities. The participants shared what seem to be embryonic initiatives from their countries to help spread the open source culture and encourage FOSS usage by Arab particulars and companies.

Workshop: Mapping of information

I had the opportunity to be part of an interesting workshop relative to the Mapping of information. The workshop was conducted by Laila Shereen Sakr (the lady) and resolved into creating a visualization of tweets that have been shared using the hashtag #ATWomen (the official hashtag for the event). The project is still a work in progress as the team has been through conceptualization, Data extraction and will map the tweet on a Diaporama of the physical space where we’ve been gathering. The results will be available in few days; I’m surely very excited to see how they’ll turn out.

The workshop was very enriching since I learned about “the language of new media” a book by Lev Manovich that mainly tries to “analyze the language of new media by placing it within the history of modern visual and media cultures” (as stated in the book’s introduction). I also discovered <a href="“>processing, an open source programming language and environment for setting up images, animations or interactions. While browsing the website I was very impressed by projects that have been made based on processing, such as the “Just Landed” project by Jer Thorp. More projects can be explored on the exhibition part of the processing website.

This is how far my note taking goes for the first day of the gathering, more to come on the 3rd post of the series. Until then, I wish you a great weekend!

Lamia Ben


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