Saturday musings: Why is the blogosphere Male-Dominated?


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I read this article the other day and I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with you. It's a subject that truly needs to be discussed. Why bloggers are mostly male? Why are they the most active Internet users? 

The female author of this post argues that It's a gender thing: 

[We] believe the urge to blog is closely related to the sex-linked compulsion known as male answer syndrome. MAS is the reason why guys shoot up their hands first in math class. MAS also explains why men are so quick to have opinions on subjects they know little or nothing about.

It's surprising how scientists have a name for almost everything these days! I've certainly witnessed this MAS phenomenon on blogs, facebook, twitter… It is astonishing how you can get more reactions from guys in a day, than you may ever get from a female community in a week! I'm not exaggerating and certainly not being a sexist against my own gender. I truly believe females don't think reacting online (to news or to other people's posts) is a priority and that's a petty since many of them are brilliant and have lots to contribute.  

…women tend to be more restrained and less concerned with public displays of prowess…. We also tend to lack the public confidence that comes so easily to many men.

I've had a blog project in mind since my second year of college, and it took me almost two years to make it real. Lack of public confidence? Heck yeah! It's probably Number 1 reason why females haven't taken over the blogosphere just yet. Maybe we tend to give other's opinions more weight than they deserve. Or maybe it's out of fear of failure… 

But What makes a female minority blog then?  I have just sailed in the blogosphere's seas But I can tell you what made me jump in the first place:

hugh macleod's  "The best way to get approval is not to need it." Think about it!

So what do you think? Do you agree? Hit me with a comment, I would love to discuss this a little further!

Lamia Ben

5 thoughts on “Saturday musings: Why is the blogosphere Male-Dominated?

  1. Actually it’s a pretty interresting fact … Yeah, in my opinion, women don’t tend to Blog a lot unless they’re brillants and have a good knowledge background (I’m not talking about "pseudo blogs" like skyblogs and so on) wich is not really guys case. This is certainly due to the MAS phenomenom, to women lack of confidence and, I believe, to the fact they don’t want to expose themselves publicly.

  2. It seems that women have a fear from anything related to computers, and maybe they see blogs like a computer-thingy also…I’m saying that because in my class you find 30 boys in each group and less than 3 girls in most of the cases, so it’s not about blogs, it’s about IT in general!

  3. i totally agree with u sister, and i say it is may be because of lack of self confidence, but also, and unfortunatly, rare are those girls who got an issue to deffend, and a goal to live with and by.girls are used to watch, and applaud! But i beleive, this will change soon, Inchallah.

  4. I guess it’s about the lack of interest, a lot of women find no interest, they look up for other types of approval. And as said before, women do not appreciate the "IT". They read and write blogs, a lot of blogs but few of them are about IT.

  5. Thank you for your comments :)@hisham You surely raise a very interesting point there: Publicy. But does that mean that guys don’t mind being exposed publicly? that girls worry more about their privacy than guys do?@martani I’m there with you. Women don’t seem to be very interested in techy stuff all this much. And when they are, they rather not go into the very technical side of IT. Maybe it’s the way we’re wired, that we rather see things from the bigger picture?@Sidi Mohammed "They look up for other types of approval" hmm, I never thought of it that way. Could it be that they believe the IT territory already taken and they rather channel their efforts elsewhere, where they can guarantee a better success rate?@Amal "girls are used to watch, and applaud!" Although I think that’s a little harsh but sometimes it’s very true. I do hope too that it changes soon inshallah!

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