Ignite Casablanca : The event in review


It was a tremendously enriching experience for me to assist to the first African Ignite show ever; I’ve been a fan of their motto: “enlighten us but make it quick!” since forever and had to fight the flu to make it (which is one of those moves I’m sure will never regret!)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of the Ignite show: Ignite is an O’Reilly event, which is basically an ongoing series of speedy presentations. They range from building multi person pogo stick to hacking chocolate, any topic that geeks hold dear. Each speaker gets 5 minutes, 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. The ignite show went Global this year and we were lucky to have the first African ignite organized in Casablanca.

Presentations ranged from “NoSQL” to “the Glorious strategy of failure” (one of my favorites by the way). I had a hard time understanding some (maybe they weren’t geeky enough for my brain to compile) but I can proudly say the event was a success.

Here are some of the presentations that I liked, disclaimer: these are very subjective choices:



Anas B. El Filali, alias big brother, “the glorious strategy of failure”. A presentation the “Seth Godin way”. On how we should rather accept failure and try to learn the best we can from it. In other words, how to transform failure into success.


The “Wardriving” presentation by Karim Jazouani was an amazing, cool and very casual presentation. Wardriving is actually “the act of searching for Wi-Fi networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer or PDA”  [Wikipedia entry]. Loved the way he managed to turn the game into an awareness campaign for higher Wi-Fi security.


And Finally the Moroccan dream, a presentation by Youness Quassimi. Very fun story behind the making of a 6 morrocan’s dream start-up : http://www.synergie-media.com/

But Ignite show isn’t just about presentations, it’s about the atmosphere. I surely had a lot of fun mingling with people I only knew by name or through an Avatar on Facebook or Twitter. I missed a bunch of them though, mainly because of the archaic phone I’m proud of possessing, but had the chance to connect with them later on Twitter.

Bottom line is: If you hear about an Ignite show near you, don’t even consider missing it!

And yes, how can I forget the icing on the cake?



Yeah I know, it’s not that clear (I would love to blame it on drew’s cancer  but it was Casablanca’s rain and my short-sight’s fault. Note to self: always have a marker in arm’s reach!) and Yes I’m no super blogger (Jeeez a girl can dream, can’t she?). Yet, it was a great gesture from Mr Sefrioui. Thank you Sir, much appreciated! (Special thanks to my Geek friend Oussama who made this possible)

The upcoming Ignite Casablanca is to take place in few months. Until then I’ll leave you with some goodies, Cheers!

For More photos: Link

Finatech’s fan page on facebook has more details on the event: link

The event was organized by Salah‐Eddine Benzakour &  Jean‐George Perrin  And sponsored/hosted by Finatech

Lamia Ben.


7 thoughts on “Ignite Casablanca : The event in review

  1. Thank you Soufiane :)Yeah, guess it’s the side effect of a first edition. I hope the issue get solved in the next show. And thanks for the link, Will update the post asap.Regards,Lamia

  2. Great article Lamia and it was nice meeting you.One comment about streaming, Oussama and team did stream and tweet realtime during the event, by posting 10sec video pres of each speaker as well as some messages in between. They even managed to post a funny joke that was shared during one of the presentations.Overall, it was a very nice event, well attended, and may I add, very well organized.On to the next one.

  3. Thank you Sir, it was definitely a pleasure meeting you as well.Oussama and his team sure did a GREAT job tweeting and sharing links realtime. I was also hoping we’d get a Ustream channel so that people who couldn’t make it would experience the event Live! But hey, there are more editions to come…Kudos to everyone behind the success of the event. Hope to see there next time as well :).Best regards.

  4. Lamia – great post and cool blog. yes we want to host more events like ignite. I am working with local entrepreneurs – some I met that night – to energize even more the creative tech scene. I’d love to see more and more young moroccans start up their web micro-enterprise. and who knows. in Tech, the sky is the limit. Your encouragements are very much appreciated! cheers, rachid

  5. It’s really an honour to have you commenting on my blog. I think you guys simply ROCK! 🙂 you’re a model may companies should follow. We truly lack cool techy events like the ignite show on the scene…There are lots of Moroccan geeks out there who just need a chance to Shine. Thank you for making that possible that night… Looking forward to attend future events.And yes, thank you for the blogroll, much appreciated!Regards,Lamia

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