A thought on over-sharing

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I had a nice conversation with a friend over how important it is to have a personal social media strategy. It can be summarized in a single sentence: Channeling the right information to the right people at the right time.

Easier said than done, right?

Well the real complexity comes from the need to know

1. who you are?

2. who is listening ?

4. What channel are you using?

3. what Do you intend to do with your Network?

I’m an over-sharing person, my motto? “knowledge was made to be shared”. I used to send everything I considered interesting to everyone I know. Then I realized (with external help, that is) that on some networks, I didn’t get any feedback. And it hit me, what I think is interesting isn’t necessarily that much appealing for everyone else. Obvious right?

I decided then to set a personal social media strategy. It goes something like this:

Facebook: I have a bench of family members but mostly techy friends in there. I often share funny comics, green videos, life hacks articles and technology memes.

Twitter: This is where I share everything related to my PHD, mostly social media and Enterprise 2.0 links.

Mailing lists: I still haven’t figured that one out yet (it’s an internal joke, sorry I’m the only one laughing)

I share just as much as I used to, but definitely not in the same way. How about you? What is your personal social media strategy?

Lamia Ben.


4 thoughts on “A thought on over-sharing

  1. Thank you lamiaa for your sharing.I encourage you to continu to share everything you know or you read and find it interesting. That have a good impact on your friends and all persons you know.I want to tell you that even if you share and you don’t get feedback,it should’nt hit you.There is two possibility:- First, that people who receive this information from you are not intersting in what you post, so it’s not your problem because you don’t know interests of all your friends;-Seconde, that the information you share is also intersting for most people, but they don’t post a comment or response because they don’t have the habit of doing this, or they read what you have posted quickly, and did’nt have mach time to response you.So, in both cases continu your sharing ;)For me,I use usually the Mailing lists to share informations, mails in different category, and gmail chatting to share personnal information;). Recently, I begin to use Facebook, and I think that is a very good way to share and learn many intersting things( obviously if it is used correctly)

  2. i always wandered about the definition of the ultimate friend , is it someone to whom you can channel all types of information? this strategy is good but at the end it only produces interrest based friends ..what about full-featured friends? are they to exclude from this strategy, unmanagable entities? 🙂

  3. Good point :), I only saw the strategy from the "Me-sharing-infos" lens. The interacting that social Networks offer is a much deeper subject that is definitely worth analyzing as well. You’re totally right, the definition of a friend has become all blurry because of networks such as facebook and myspace. But I think that’s what personal branding is all about, making you trustworthy enough so that people you interact with know the real you and not some inconsistent virtual version of you.I think there are two kind of friends on the Internet. People you actually know in real life and thus use Social networks to deepen your relationship, and those you actually meet online. For the later, I guess it starts as a give-and-take relationship (what u called interest based friends). And If there is enough trust it may turn into a real friendship (full-featured). But hey, that’s just my process, I don’t know how people manage their online friendships but I truly wonder just as you do :).

  4. I agree that if you’re sharing something with someone who’s not interested, you might not receive any feed back.However, it seems to me that our interests are changing continuously and are influenced by everything we receive from the outside world.This principle is used by companies to create needs.Initially, you don’t feel that you really need a product, it doesn’t really interest you, but once you see it everywhere, the product attracts you more and more and finally you become interested in it.I guess everybody should ‘advertise’ his interests in a way to serve his own principles and convictions.Sharing is a power, you can serve your own convictions and make them interesting for others by sharing everything in harmony with your principles.

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