People-centric is the new black

I stumbled upon a video the other day that really caught my eye: Are you ready for the 21st century?

It is interesting how many fields have come to believe that people-centric models are the way to go. The video presents the participatory model as the scenario which will rule the 21st century.

"Society places the human being at the center of its considerations and not just considers the current perspective – humans as consumers destined to sustain the economy"

The implication of such model on information technology has created ultimate value. We’ve moved from having one medium for everything (1700), to several different media but isolated for the same audience (1900) and finally towards the post Internet 1 era where:

“All media is integrated into one network which will become the public space of the 21st century. In that networked space culture will emerge and be formed”

This is the model advocated by Enterprise 2.0 evangelists. Knowledge workers are to be placed at the heart of the networked organization:


Source: What is Enterprise 2.0?

Content is to be created, shared and viewed by everyone within the Enterprise. Elevating a pool of information towards wisdom:  A wisdom of the crowd.

Think about it, what if your organization adopted the same model Twitter does?  Empowering your knowledge workers to enhance your service adding new features or coming up with your next product?  If two heads are better than one, imagine the power of a 100. 


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