Is the web affecting our perception?

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I overheard on twitter the other day, a funny yet so true assertion: I don’t retain information, I just tag it. And it got me thinking. Wehave been affected by the web in more than ways.I don’t know about you, but It has become almost impossible for me to restrain my urge to switch tabs while reading an article online, or find the patience to go through multiple pages posts. Are our brains becoming wired to only retain metadata and not the data in itself?

The question that should be asked in my sens is, is there really a need for us to retain information?

Albert Einstein himself once said “Never memorize something that you can look up” Would he say the same if he has seen google? Wouldn’t that make our minds… empty?

the true value of information doesn’t lay in the information itself, but rather in our interpretation of the data, of us connecting the dots and by modeling and remodeling infos, getting even more value. 

Bottom line is, don’t overstuff your head, learn only what’s absolutely necessary. STOP once in a while, think things over, play with ideas, connect the unconnected…. Go beyond being the vessel into which infos are driven and become the catalyst of a new knowledge.

Lamia Ben

2 thoughts on “Is the web affecting our perception?

  1. as you stated at the end , this era is all about innovation , connecting the unconnected is the innovatif force and thanks to the web we have access to large amounts of data stocked rometly and directly mapped to metadata in our minds , this saves us some brain space , and make us focus on connecting the unconnected 🙂

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