2010 the year of great resolutions

Since it is the first post on this blog, I’d like to take the chance
to introduce myself. I’m “Lamia Ben”, a young BI consultant who has
just started graduate studies in pm & E20. This blog is a project i
had in mind for about a year but never had enough courage to make the
leap. Until i read scott young’s post about Getting Started Without
Skill (http://bit.ly/6C9aQ9) and i realized that it doesn’t matter if
it’s not as great as i pictured it to be, all that matters -for now-
is that i check it out of my to-do list.

So basically, this blog is a compilation of Thoughts on project
management, E20, social Media and everything about technology that I
consider worthy of posting.
If you’re willing to start this journey with me, please leave me a
comment or send me an email with any propositions or suggestions, I’m
listening :).

Have a good day everyone, Peace.


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